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“Puss in Boots”: Because DreamWorks CAN!

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DreamWorks Animation has a dilemma on their paws. (See what I did there?) The Shrek franchise ended with Shrek Forever After, but how can they continue the series without making any more ogre adventures? Create origin stories for the supporting characters and give them their own movies!

Those groans, they’re groans of excitement, right? Right?!

First up: Puss in Boots, which basically tells the story of that character (who first appeared in Shrek 2), voiced by Antonio Banderas, before Puss meets Shrek and the gang.

It’s only a teaser trailer, and it basically consists of the title character showing the audience all the kewl stuff he can do with his awesome boots.

Things, of course, like making the bystanders swoon, surviving an oncoming raging bull (?!), and, as evidenced by a later scene, standing directly on top of the viewer. All while sexy music plays in the background. And if that isn’t enough sexual innuendo for you…

“He’s been a bad kitty,” the voiceover guy croons. Eww.

Puss in Boots hits theaters in November. Or rather, gallops. On a horse. Into the sunset.



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March 7, 2011 at 6:48 PM

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