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Alice in Wonderland (Teaser trailer)

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Here’s a teaser trailer for Alice in Wonderland, which is going to be directed by Tim Burton. The story follows Alice, who is now a 19-year-old, going down the rabbit hole once again and embarking on a fantasy adventure. The movie comes out on March 5th, 2010. Enjoy the trailer!



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July 24, 2009 at 1:20 AM

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Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief (Teaser Trailer)

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This came as a surprise, actually. 20th Century Fox is planning to film a movie based on a series of books called “Percy Jackson and The Olympians”, which basically asks the question, “What if the Greek gods were still fighting today?” The film adaptation is called Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, which I presume is the first book in the series. A teaser trailer is out now, and, like most teasers, doesn’t really give you an idea what the story is about. I haven’t read the books in the series, but I know someone who has, so that someone will really like this movie. It’s directed by Chris Columbus, who also made the first two Harry Potter films. This movie comes out Presidents’ Day 2010. Enjoy the trailer!

Note: There seems to be some issues with TrailerAddict’s embedded trailers. To start the trailer, roll the mouse pointer over the trailer player and press the Play button.


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July 22, 2009 at 1:26 AM

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District 9: All-New Trailer

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CAUTION: The following trailer contains some violent content and scary images. It may not be appropriate for younger viewers. It is, as the green band before the trailer states, “approved for appropriate audiences”.

28 years ago, aliens first made contact with Earth.
We waited for the hostile attack,
or the giant advances in technology.

Neither came.

These aliens are refugees. They were set up in a makeshift home in South Africa called District 9. Control over the aliens has been handed down to Multi-National United (MNU) (read more at http://www.multinationalunited.com/), a private company that doesn’t give a darn about the aliens’ well-being and comfort. They will gain lots of money if they can make the alien’s weaponry work. But activation of those weapons requires non-human DNA. One day, while discovering one of the non-humans’ homes, an MNU worker sprays himself with a mysterious non-human spray, causing him to contract some of the non-human DNA. Now, he is on the run from the company he worked for, and there is only one place where he is able to hide…

District 9.

The movie is rated R for bloody violence and pervasive language, and comes out on August 14th.


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July 10, 2009 at 1:22 AM

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The Informant!

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What do you get when you mix Matt Damon, Steven Soderberg, and corn? You get The Informant!, an upcoming comedy from the director of the Ocean’s movies. The movie tells the true story of Mark Whitacre, who blew the whistle on Archer Daniels Midland’s price-fixing. The FBI recruits him into being a sort of spy to document the goings-on at ADM. And so, armed with a wire and a tape recorder, Whitacre documents the events, but his account often changes. As it turns out, Whitacre served 10 years in prison, three times more than the other conspirators. The Informant! comes out in September and is rated R for language.


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July 8, 2009 at 1:57 AM

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District 9: Three Viral Marketing Multi-National United PSAs

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As part of the viral marketing for the upcoming sci-fi thriller District 9, here are three public service announcements that are centered around Multi-National United, a fictional organization that was designed to keep the non-humans at bay. District 9 is rated R and comes out on August 14th. For more info, check out the viral marketing sites http://www.d-9.com/ and http://www.multinationalunited.com/. The official movie website is http://www.district9movie.com/.

PSA #1: “High Alert”

PSA #2: “Level 5 Alert”

PSA #3: “Multi-National United”

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July 7, 2009 at 1:30 AM

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YouTube Fireworks Displays

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Fourth of July weekend is almost coming to a close, but if you couldn’t see the fireworks yesterday or just didn’t want to, here are some fireworks displays on YouTube. I found all seven of  these on the technology website Mashable.

1: Walt Disney World, Florida: 2005

2: New York City: 2008

3: Cabazon, California: 2007. According to the video, this was the last 24 inch firework shell ever launched in the States.

4: Boston: 2006

5: Florida: 2007. Never keep your fireworks in a tent.

6: Disneyland, CA: 2007

And if you thought that 24 inch shell was big…check this one out that’s double that size. 48 inches! According to the uploader, “somafire”, this was launched in Japan.

Happy 4th of July! For more tech tidbits and interesting news items, check out http://www.mashable.com/.

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July 6, 2009 at 1:45 AM

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