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“Premium Rush” Trailer: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rides A Bike!

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You’re riding a speeding bike across the busy streets of New York City, danger at every turn. That, however, is all in a day’s work for Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Bicycle Messenger. The trailer for Premium Rush briefly introduces us to his character, Wilee, a guy who gets his kicks delivering messages and letters AND OH MY GOD HE JUST GOT HIT BY A TAXI!!!!!!

Turns out that accident might have been part of a more sinister plan. Time rewinds and we get a bigger picture of the whole story: he’s assigned to deliver a package “premium rush”, and soon learns that someone eeeeeeevil is making him their next target.

The movie looks okay. I like Gordon-Levitt (he was in 500 Days of Summer) and the plot looks interesting enough. I just hope it won’t be a normal “mysterious package” movie and the only thing different will be bike chases instead of car chases. The trailer also doesn’t really have a consistent tone, either: one minute it’s “Whoo! Ridin’ a bike! Rock music!” and the next it’s “Mysterious… life and death… edgy thriller music.” It kinda feels like it’s trying a bit too hard to be a thriller, but I do like how the title cards get more and more intense as the trailer progresses.

Premium Rush speeds into theaters on January 13th.


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September 15, 2011 at 6:27 PM

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