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“The Big Year” Trailer: It’s Official–David Frankel Is The Male Version of Nora Ephron

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The Big Year is a kinda-comedy about bird enthusiasts. But since bird watching is too boring, the studio decided to scrap that part from all of its marketing materials. Instead, we get a story about three middle-aged buddies played by Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, and Jack Black, who I guess is “middle-aged” now. Sad.

Because they’re all middle-aged, they’re all facing different mid-life crises. One is having trouble at work, one is having trouble with his wife, and the other is having trouble with…I don’t really know, but he’s in his 40s, so he’s having trouble.

So, they decide to embark on a “big year”, and do all the things they could have done when they were younger. (Of course, the Wikipedia page brings back the boring by telling us that the “big year” is actually a competition to find the largest number of birds…yawn.)

Their birdwatching is so boring, even the Voiceover Guy couldn’t think of anything to say and had to resort to reminding us that this movie is, in fact, a comedy.

The trailer shows off some of that  “comedy”, and it’s mostly people falling and Nora Ephron-style pearls of wisdom (“They’re men, dear. If they ever stop competing, they die.”) and awkward moments mixed together in one. Plus, it’s got Credence Clearwater Revival music in it, so… your dad’s probably going to really like this movie.

The Big Year hits theaters on October 14th.

The beginning of the trailer features an introduction from Black, Wilson, and Martin, who’s talking in an obnoxiously loud voice. ‘Cause loudness is funny, get it?!





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September 9, 2011 at 6:47 PM

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