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“Margin Call” Trailer: Zachary Quinto Discovers Something Mysterious and Financial!

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There’s been a ton of movies made about the 2008 financial crisis. Inside Job, Capitalism: A Love Story, and the HBO movie Too Big to Fail. Now, in 2011, we can add to that list Margin Call, which takes a “thriller” angle to the infamous meltdown.

The movie stars (among others and in no particular order) Zachary Quinto, Stanley Tucci, Jeremy Irons and Paul Bettany, who seems to be cinematically following me everywhere. What’s it about? I don’t really know.

Basically, Stanley Tucci gives Zachary Quinto this USB stick containing something he couldn’t finish. Quinto takes a look at it, discovers something wrong (some equation that Demi Moore created), and then BOOM! FINANCIAL MELTDOWN! Thanks a lot, Zach.

I wanted to like this trailer. A thriller about the economic catastrophe could be cool, right? Well, not really. The two main things that irk me are:

  1. The title cards seem like something that would come out of some direct-to-DVD movie. Blue, stock charts, and that standard “thriller” font. Not very creative.
  2. The acting. It’s just so monotone and emotionless, even from the main cast. “Well we were wrong.” “How long would it take to clear that from our books.” “Remember this day boys.” (No comma.)

Well, that’s pretty much it. Who knew that a movie about the financial disaster could seem so…disastrous?


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July 25, 2011 at 6:17 PM

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