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“Jack and Jill” Stars Two Adam Sandlers, Making It Twice As Worse

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This is Al Pacino’s phone number. Supposedly.

I’ve always loved it when movies star an actor in a double role. The Social Network and The Devil’s Double are two examples of this craft. Now we can add Jack and Jill, an Adam Sandler comedy. Two movies that look good, one movie that looks terrible. If this was a game of “which one doesn’t belong”, the odd one out would be pretty easy to spot.

The plot: Our main character, Jack, is played by Adam Sandler, fresh off of Zookeeper (and I mean fresh; the movie and this trailer came out today.) Jack is a successful advertising executive livin’ the high life in Los Angeles with his wife (Katie Holmes, fresh off of…wait, what was she in again?)

Jack’s life is perfect, but he’s dreading this Thanksgiving when his twin sister, Jill, comes to visit, and in the words of infoMania‘s Bryan Safi, “You’ll NEVER guess where this is heading.” Okay, you ready? Jill–a woman–is played by–okay, get ready for this–ADAM SANDLER! IN DRAG! SPORTING A LISP!

Oh, Adam Sandler. With this male/female role, you have truly broke new cinematic ground–oh, wait, you haven’t. How to describe Jill? The Voiceover Guy sums her up perfectly. “She isn’t subtle…She isn’t shy…And she isn’t leaving!” Y’know, I think I could use those exact words to describe Adam Sandler himself.

I really don’t know what to say about this trailer–the movie looks too bad for words, and c’mon, Al Pacino. You should know better. Oh, but there’s a producer credit in the trailer. We’ve already seen Sandler’s face; I’m pretty sure we know what we’re in for.

I’d tell this trailer to “don’t bring me down”, but a) it already has, and b) I think that pun is lamer than even one than I would allow.

Jack and Jill hits theaters on November 11th.




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July 8, 2011 at 9:15 PM

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