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“Dolphin Tale”: Wow, Morgan Freeman Looks Old

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Tons of new trailers have appeared since I last posted, so I’ll try and go through them in a couple of days. First up: Dolphin Tale, which stars Morgan Freeman.

Or maybe I should say that the movie squanders Morgan Freeman. His name isn’t even mentioned in the trailer and he shows up for only two scenes in the entire 2-minute clip–three if you count the one where he’s at the computer with the kids.

The movie tells THE INCREDIBLE TRUE STORY!!!!!! of a dolphin whose tail is either missing or it was born without one or, well, I don’t really know. So sue me.

It’s an anatomical abnormality, so of course that means that Freeman and Harry Connick Jr. are gonna help that dolphin swim, dangit! with the help of some kids who love marine science (they’re in a dolphin movie, why wouldn’t they?) and a guy who looks like Jack from Lost.

The movie’s one of those “aww, look, inspirational uplifting message” (read: cheesy) ones that really, really wants to tug on your heartstrings a bit. It even shows off its pedigree in the trailer: “From the studio and producers of The Blind Side!”

Well, guess what. I didn’t like The Blind Side. Cheesy uplifting movies aren’t my thing.

So go find a new pun, Dolphin Tale. You stole that one from DreamWorks anyway.

Dolphin Tale hits theaters on September 23rd.



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April 7, 2011 at 8:11 PM

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