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“Madea’s Big Happy Family” Trailer Two: Wow, That Was Fast!

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Hello, Tyler Perry.

Look at your movie career. Now back at me. Now back at your career, now back at me. Sadly, it isn’t what it used to be (and, yes, if you’re wondering, I do sound like a popular commercial for body wash).

But if you stopped making movies like Madea’s Big Happy Family and went back to films like I Can Do Bad All By Myself, which I liked, or Madea Goes to Jail, your career could be better.

Look down. Now back up. Where are you? You’re (probably) at Lionsgate HQ in Santa Monica a few years ago, about to make the deal that will start your movie career. You put up much of your own money to make Diary of a Mad Black Woman, a hit at the box office.

What’s in your hand? Back at me–I have it. It’s all the movies you make following Diary, including Madea’s Family Reunion and Why Did I Get Married?, which both open strong.

Look again. THE MOVIES ARE NOW DIAMONDS! (Well, actually, they’re the more than $90 million that your films have grossed.)

Now, we time-travel. It’s 2011. You’ve just come off of For Colored Girls, a more serious drama produced through your 34th Street Films unit. The film receives mixed reviews from critics and opens at #3 at the box office. What are you to do?

You have an answer: Madea’s Big Happy Family, of course! The movie stars you (in drag) as Madea, a strong matriarch who uses “optimism and happiness” (according to Wikipedia) to teach others and live her life. In the film, Madea must bring a family togetha’–that family consisting of Bow Wow, Teyana Taylor, and Isaiah Mustafa. Lionsgate debuts the karaoke teaser trailer and then this trailer a few weeks later. But what do people think?

My reaction: “average”. What is with all the slapping? And the last scene where Madea drives through the restaurant–she’s angry because there’s no more ham? Yep, that’s definitely an example of “optimism and happiness”…? Huh?

I admit there were some giggles, but they were few and far between. Where, too, is the Christian inspiration and messages that usually balance out the broad comedy in your films? Madea’s Big Happy Family seems unbalanced without it.

Simply put, Tyler: Anything is possible when you go back to movies like Jail and Bad and not films like these.

I’m on a chair. A comfy one.


Madea’s Big Happy Family hits theaters April 22nd.



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March 2, 2011 at 6:11 PM

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