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“Madea’s Big Happy Family” Trailer is The First (and Hopefully Last) Karaoke Movie Trailer

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Remember those follow-the-bouncing-ball sing-along songs that kids’ movies used to have? They’re back in the trailer for Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family. (Tyler, you can attach your name to any of your other movies; but don’t do it with a title that already has an apostrophe. The double possessive gets really annoying.)

This trailer is just a teaser for the film, so the karaoke is really all we get–but the lyrics might suggest a new idea for the government. Just look at the words to the song.

“People had enough,
Low pay, high rents
Kids actin’ like they
Just ain’t got no sense
That’s why there’s Madea!”

“Wherever you go,
Stupid got there first
Turn on the news
Just makes it worse
That’s why there’s Madeaaa!”

Wait, so Madea (played by Tyler Perry in drag) can whip our kids into shape (literally) AND fix our world economy? President Obama, why haven’t you tapped THIS woman for your Cabinet?!

Government decisions aside, this has to be the weirdest or the most creative teaser trailer ever. Once you’re done watching, you can buy the song “M.A. to the D.E.A” on iTunes! (I’m not kidding.)

Madea “comes for you this Easter”. RUN.


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February 10, 2011 at 7:13 PM

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