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My Favorite Superbowl XLV Commercials

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Yesh, yesh, I know it’s technically not about movies…but who doesn’t love Super Bowl commercials? Here are my favorites this year and the reasons I liked ’em.

NFL — “Best. Fans. Ever.”
Why I liked it: Although everyone featured is on some sort of TV show or sitcom, it’s nice to know that fictional people watch the Super Bowl too. (Even if the NFL changed the clips.)

Cellular South — “Samsung Galaxy S”
Why I liked it: We finally get to see what happens when someone hijacks the Super Bowl–with an adorable sneezing bear!

Doritos — “Pug Attack” (Part of their Crash the Super Bowl ad campaign, in which regular folks submitted advertisements in hopes of getting onto the game.)
Why I liked it: ‘Cause it was filmed in my hometown! (Also, dog pwns man.)

Bud Light — “Hack Job”
Why I liked it: “The landscapers are here!”

Audi — “Release the Hounds”
Why I liked it: The whole idea of a luxury prison is so creative. I’m sure we’d have a lot more criminals in the slammer if those things existed.

Kia — “One Epic Ride”
Why I liked it: The title says it all. This is the car commercial to end all car commercials.

Pepsi MAX — “Love Hurts”
Why I liked it: This commercial, again created by ordinary folk for the Crash the Super Bowl campaign, is pretty much the perfect Super Bowl ad. Why? It gives us information about the product while still making us laugh, and while I usually don’t enjoy physical comedy, I laughed out loud when this came on. Props to whoever was involved in the making of this commercial.

CarMax — “Gas Station”
Why I liked it: Gas jockeys? Milkmen? One thing is clear: you’re stuck in a ’60’s gas station. (Creative ad.)

Paramount Pictures — Captain America: The First Avenger
Why I liked it: The retro feel combined with a superhero movie? Count me in.

CarMax — “Kid in a Candy Store”
Why I liked it: I feel like a guy who really likes this commercial. (…and the circle of  “I feel like a ____ in a ____” continues. Another creative ad.)

Groupon — “Tibet”
Why I liked it: This commercial caused a bit of controversy here in America by using the old bait-and-switch–it’s clearly an ad for a Tibetan relief fund…or is it? I think it’s actually pretty funny. Lighten up, guys.

Pepsi MAX — “First Date”
Why I liked it: Oh, the sharp contrast of thoughts going on in this first date! Another Crash the Super Bowl winner. Pepsi, I want you to have this contest again next year.

“The X Factor” on FOX
Why I liked it: Great teaser ad. It’ll be interesting to see the shift from London to the USA.

Chrysler — “Imported From Detroit”
Why I liked it: This ad is almost 2 minutes long. If you can sit through it, it’s pretty powerful.

Chevy Camaro — “Miss Evelyn”
Why I liked it: This commercial puts us right into the middle of the making of a Chevy Camaro commercial. Surprise ending WIN!

Motorola — “Empower the People”
Why I liked it: This ad puts a modern 2011 spin on that Apple “1984” ad.

Doritos — “House Sitting”
Why I liked it: Doritos have the power…TO BRING BACK THE DEAD!!! Another Crash the Super Bowl winner.

Chevy Silverado — “Tommy”
Why I liked it: No, it’s not that song by The Who. It’s yet another modern version of everyone’s favorite life-saving pet, Lassie.

Snickers — “Logging”
Why I liked it: Because Roseanne Barr deserves what she gets. Mwuhahahaha!

Volkswagen — “The Force”
Why I liked it: 6-year-old Darth Vader. ‘Nuff said.

Chevy — “Al’s Chevrolet”
Why I liked it: A local car dealership ad quickly turns into a battle between Transformers and us puny humans. Didn’t expect the ending.

Paramount Pictures — Super 8
Why I liked it: The spot for J.J. Abrams’ upcoming film feels very Spielberg-ish–probably because he’s a producer on the movie. Brings back memories of E.T., don’t it?

Sony Pictures — Battle: Los Angeles
Why I liked it: The trailer for the upcoming alien invasion film, condensed into a 30-second bite-size portion. Yum!

Paramount Pictures — Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Why I liked it: Yesss! Michael Bay is awesome again! Please, please, Michael, don’t screw this up like you did Transformers 2. (There’s no Meagan Fox this time–that makes it 50 times better already.)


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February 8, 2011 at 8:04 PM

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