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“Battle: Los Angeles”: Like “District 9”, Except Without The Apartheid Allegory

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If you enjoyed District 9 during the summer of ’09, great news! Sony has another alien invasion movie for you. This time, the aliens have invaded more locally, in the appropriately titled Battle: Los Angeles.

The plot: Meteors are falling all across the globe in places like China, Paris, and Hamburg, Germany. Battle: Los Angeles takes us to one specific site of the destruction (and Santa Monica Place was just redesigned, aww), and it’s up to Aaron Eckhart, along with his team of soldiers, to stop it. YouTuber “princelesta” sums it up pretty well by saying, “Call of duty meets independence day!!!!!”

I’m pretty psyched for this movie (and, if you can’t tell already, District 9 as well). Of course, since there were too many good screenshots for me to pick just one, you’ll have to watch the trailer to get a sense at how good this one looks.

(One thing I didn’t like? The use of “Sun’s Gone Dim” by Johann Johannson–synthesizer city. He may have an awesome name, but the song is pretty annoying.)



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January 12, 2011 at 6:34 PM

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