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“Sanctum”: See What Happens When You Go Spelunking, Kiddies?

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Let’s say that you’re not the adventurous type, and you don’t have an interest in scuba diving or exploring deep caves. Then, suddenly, what if your friends ask you “Hey, wanna go spelunking today?” What do you do? You show them the trailer for Sanctum (and, after that, the trailer for 2005’s The Descent). It’s a guaranteed deal-breaker. Your friends are definitely going to be frightened by the possibility that they, too, might fall on their backs into a waterfall, get lit on fire, or, if you’re watching the latter trailer, become hunted by grotesque bald vampire things.

If they’re like me, they’ll probably also notice all the poor writing, like…

“I’ll see you on the other side!”
“Couldn’t’ve picked a better choice of words.”

Let’s remind ourselves that this movie is produced by James Cameron. Remember Avatar? Yep, that James Cameron.

Sanctum hits theaters next month in 3D, so you can experience the SyFy-Saturday-night-movie cliches while simultaneously becoming caught in the middle of a cave during a cyclone with the rest of the cast. Just our luck!




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January 10, 2011 at 7:24 PM

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