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“Limitless” Trailer: Wait, Bradley Cooper Knows Drugs Are Bad, Right?…Uh-oh.

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You’ve often heard the adage, “We only use 10% of our brain.” Well, then Bradley Cooper is definitely more different than the rest of us. In Limitless, he learns that he can use all 100% of his brain without his head exploding somehow.

The question is, how does he discover this awesome power? Why drugs, of course! You see, he’s a writer (and he honestly really looks it, too), but he’s running out of ideas for his book. So his buddy hands him a small pill that holds the key to UNLOCKING HIS ENTIRE MIND!!

The lighting changes from dull grays to bright, shiny golds once he’s on the stuff, and there’s one simple reason: Now that he has a new (addictive) outlook on the world, he’s livin’ the high life. His book is finished. He’s great at math, which makes him really rich. In one scene, we pan up to the top of a building, where Bradley Cooper is standing on the ledge, looking down on the city below, and in movies, that can only mean one thing: You possess Ultimate Power™.

Oh, and then there’s something about hit men trying to kill him and Robert De Niro. But who cares? When you’ve got Ultimate Power™, you don’t need to worry if you’re gonna die!

…because you can see fifty scenarios instead of just one.

Could Kanye West also have too much Ultimate Power™? In this music video for his song “Power”, featured in the trailer, all we see is him standing in front of…what is that? Anyway, he and Bradley Cooper could be best buddies someday.


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December 16, 2010 at 7:31 PM

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