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Epic Summer Movies Part 2: “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”

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Interested in a warrior with a giant hammer? (It’s better than that makes it sound.) Check out Part 1 of this mini-series.

If you’ve seen 2009’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, you know one thing:

It sucked. Now I know why Peter Travers hates Michael Bay.

So here’s a new trailer for the next adventure, Transformers: Dark Sidesorry. It’s actually called Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and I actually had to will myself to not type “side”.

The trailer gives us some back story, and, yes, we’re on the moon for almost the whole thing. It’s another crazy conspiracy theory, this time asking the question, “What if there was a Transformer hidden on the moon, and the US knew about it?” Well, then we’d know about the bot in the first movie, wouldn’t we? /Film’s Germain Lussier notes some continuity issues:

My problem is, if they found Transformers on Mars in the first movie, that obviously happened way after the Moon landing. So just from a space exploration perspective, it doesn’t make much sense for a Moon movie to be AFTER a Mars movie. That would lead us to believe the government had interaction with Transformers before Sam crossed paths with Optimus Prime in addition to the whole Megatron, Hoover Dam operation. Those guys acted like they’d never seen a Transformer alive before and this trailer seems to go against that.

Good point, Lussier. I’ll go over the trailer and some parts I think were important, and then leave you to watch.

There’s a scene where the NASA control team turns off the recording equipment connected to Apollo 11 so that Neil Armstrong can explore (and find the bot), which was interesting. Along with the idea of a Transformer on the moon, I like the whole “ha ha oops, we ‘lost our signal'” cover-up.

The scene where we enter the Transformer’s eye is kinda cliche, but at least it finishes the trailer off with a bang and gives us our title card.

I’ll admit it; I’m kinda excited. Not “first-in-line-at-the-midnight-showing” excited, but I’ll enjoy it if Michael Bay doesn’t colossally screw it up like he did with Transformers 2. Michael: Less of your trademark explosions, less stoned mom, less crude humor (you others don’t want to know), and it’s a hit!


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December 10, 2010 at 7:01 PM

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