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Not A Review of the Teaser Trailer for “Arthur Christmas”

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It’s a giant red flying saucer/Santa’s sleigh. ‘Nuff said.

I often wonder what goes through the minds of studio execs who release trailers for their movies a year or more before they actually hit theaters. What makes their movie so special that they have to tease us this early?

If you’re Sony Pictures, you know that almost all your films are this big, and require that the public be noticed right now! That’s probably why they released not one, not two, but three of these kinds of trailers.

This one, for Arthur Christmas, is probably the best-looking of the three. Not only does it not feature annoying music and a misleading intro, it actually features something humorous.

The movie tells the story of the title character, Santa’s son, who must deliver all the presents by Christmastime. The teaser doesn’t really tell us much; it’s basically a little elf trying to deny the fact that we’re even watching a trailer.

A nice touch: The film’s website, ArthurChristmas.com, continues the joke presented in the video (with a small variation: that you’re not on any website for any movie.)

Arthur Christmas comes out in, well, 2011. A year from now. (WHY SO EARLY?!)




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December 7, 2010 at 8:03 PM

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