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“Country Strong” Trailer: Gwyneth Paltrow Sings!

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Patsy Cline.
Willie Nelson.
The Eagles.
Merle Haggard.

Okay, just wanted to make sure that all those hipster teenagers with their funky hiphop are out of the room. Now we can safely enjoy the trailer for Country Strong without any interruptions. In the movie, Paltrow makes her country-music debut as Kelly Canter, a singer just out of rehab who must contend with another rising country star (Garrett Hedlund), her husband/manager (Tim McGraw), and (what I suppose to be) a rival singer, played by Leighton Meester, although it seems that that specific conflict will soon be resolved due to the final scene in the trailer, which has Leighton looking on as Gwyneth walks backstage to cheers and applause. Take that, Meester!

It’s not often that we get to see a movie about country music, let alone music itself, and it actually looks watchable even if it does have a bit of a contrived plot.

I mentioned that, in the movie, Paltrow makes her debut as a country music star with the appropriately titled song “Country Strong”. The movie’s website, which is listed in the billing at the end of the trailer, features the song in its entirety. Like most movie songs, it features inspirational lyrics about fighting back, standing up for yourself and picking yourself up when you’ve fallen down. While it was often repetitive, Gwyneth does do a good job with the tune, and (I’ve heard) she got a standing ovation at the CMAs.

(Also, in weird movie billing news, this one’s produced by {the?} Tobey Maguire and awesome-name-haver Jenno Topping.)



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November 29, 2010 at 6:07 PM

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