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“Red Riding Hood” (Trailer) Is “From The Director of Twilight”. Sigh.

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The trailer for Red Riding Hood fails in a couple ways, and they’re the only things keeping me from being interested:

  1. The first few seconds of this trailer lead me to believe that Catherine Hardwicke is a fan of swoopy helicopter shots; such a fan, in fact, that we even get a fly-over of the Warner Brothers logo, which almost seems like a parody of these oft-used flights.
  2. Amanda Seyfried’s HUGE DOE EYES.
  3. Love Triangles: The movie, which tells the story of a girl caught up in a love triangle amidst dozens of wolf attacks, is essentially all about da triangle. It’s almost like they filmed the romantic scenes and went “Oh yeah, right–we have to include the part about the wolf!”

Visually, the movie looks good. When you focus on the storyline, though…not.

(Twilight haterz and people who love good grammar, check out Reasoning With Vampires. My new favorite website.)

Also: Leonardo DiCaprio’s producing…this?


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November 18, 2010 at 6:53 PM

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