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“Green Lantern” Trailer: Ryan Reynolds…Superhero??

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Turns out he is a superhero in this disappointing trailer for Green Lantern. I haven’t read the comic book, but I have heard that it’s a highly anticipated movie. The trailer sets Reynolds up as a test pilot who, just as he’s talking about feeling free when he’s flying, crashes to Earth (of course) (which might make you think of another superhero film). Then there’s something about hopes for something new on the horizon.

After that, an onslaught of bad CGI, for example, Reynolds’ Green Lantern suit above. (*cringe*)

Seriously, the computer generation is pretty bad. We get more shots of Reynolds saving the world, characters in the film, and shots of Earth and space, which kinda look like video game cutscenes.

I really wanted to like the Green Lantern trailer; I even went back and watched it again to see if my feelings had changed. They didn’t.

Green Lantern flies into theaters, crappy CGI suit and all, in June.


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November 16, 2010 at 7:49 PM

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  1. […] at the computer-generation. It’s…it’s bad!! I think it’s even worse than the Green Lantern’s CGI superhero suit. There’s also a strange disconnect from Neil Patrick Harris’s torso and a Smurf in one […]

  2. […] definitely the best trailer for the movie so far, blowing the first trailer and second trailer straight out of the water. To me, THIS is the trailer that the studio should […]

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