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Here’s A New Trailer for “The Dilemma”, Which, Luckily, Doesn’t Contain The Token “Painful Urination” Scene.

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Aaack! (covers face) There it is!

This is an unusually long (clocking in at around 3 minutes) new trailer for Ron Howard’s The Dilemma. The story: Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Connelly are married, and Vaughn’s best friend (Kevin James) has a girlfriend (Wynona Ryder). Everything’s just peachy between the two couples until Vaughn finds out that Ryder has been having an affair, and is forced to answer the $64,000 question: Should he tell his buddy?

It still looks the same as it did in the original *shudder* trailer (which GLAAD got Universal to stop running over the use of the word “gay"): Just “meh”. Just okay.

Anyway, enjoy this new trailer, which features three recognizable songs. (But for most people, probably only two.)


(Also, just on a side note to Universal: The movie comes out in 2011. There are, like, three more months until the release date. The first trailer came out two weeks before this one. How are you going to advertise the movie, for three months, until then?)


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October 15, 2010 at 12:55 AM

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