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Yogi Bear (Teaser Trailer)

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My main problem with CGI/live-action hybrids is just that: they’re CGI/live-action hybrids. I don’t really think the computer-generated world and the real world should be allowed to mingle; it should either be all CG or all live-action. Unfortunately for me, the two worlds come together again in Yogi Bear, a new family movie based on the old cartoon series. Dan Aykroyd voices Yogi, Justin Timberlake (?!) voices Boo Boo, and when Jellystone Park is about to be shut down, the two must fight to save it—and maybe steal some food in the process. The only live-action star I recognize is Anna Faris, and she’s looking as wide-eyed and shocked as she does in all her other movies (probably from exaggerating that emotion all the time in the Scary Movie series). Of course, it’s in 3D, and, okay, it’s a hybrid, but it does look better than another hybrid movie coming out soon. (cough cough *the Smurfs*) At least Dan Aykroyd looks happy.


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July 31, 2010 at 1:42 AM

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