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The Social Network (Trailer)

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Trailers for The Social Network have been coming fast, and it seems that this one was released just two weeks after the first teaser. It still has that picture of Mark Zuckerberg, the one where he looks drunk, and it still has that same silly dialogue (most notably, “I can’t wait to stand over your shoulder and watch you write us a check”).

I’m not sure why they’re making this movie. The Facebook story doesn’t really seem like one of that much importance. I also didn’t expect the lighting to be so dim. I’m really into technology and the interesting stories behind it, but the more I watch this trailer, the less I want to see this movie. The song is “Creep”, by Scala & Kolacny Brothers. I’d link to it, or even embed it here cause it’s so awesome, but it has some strong language that is NSFW.


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July 27, 2010 at 12:52 AM

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