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Devil (Trailer)

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Okay, so I just discovered this interesting miniseries on NBC called Persons Unknown, about seven strangers who are abducted, taken to this hotel in the middle of nowhere, they don’t know how they are supposed to get out or survive, and soon strange things begin to happen. It’s a fascinating show, and I’m hooked. Devil is a bit like that, but instead of seven, it’s five, and the story’s a little different too. Five strangers get on an elevator, but soon it breaks down, and soon the group discovers that one of them is the devil. I just hope it isn’t the scary guy, because that would just be too easy. The trailer starts off with some city skylines that are upside down. I’m not really sure why, and it was a bit annoying, but once we’re inside the elevator shaft, things got better.

Oh, and M. Night Shyamalan, he’s—WAIT! Where are you going? COME BACK!

Listen, I know that, lately his films haven’t really been par for the course, but he’s only producing this one. He’s not even writing (that’s Brian Nelson) or directing (John Erick Dowdle). So it still has a chance. Plus, it looks really good. I love a claustrophobic thriller.

Oh, but Universal Pictures? I like the movie, and I think it looks good, but judging by what everybody else says, it was kind of a bad idea to release this trailer less than a week after the release of what might be Shyamalan’s worst-reviewed movie of all time. I’m just sayin’.



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July 17, 2010 at 3:38 AM

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