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Rango (Trailer)

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Johnny Depp does not sound like Johnny Depp in Rango. Seriously. He doesn’t sound like Jack Sparrow or really anybody in his movies, he just sounds like an actor. And you don’t even see Johnny Depp in this movie, because in this movie he is a lizard. Rango, the website says, is about a chameleon with an identity crisis. But this trailer doesn’t seem to give me that impression. This trailer shows Johnny Depp the lizard running from a bird, then another bird (who sounds suspiciously like the voice-over guy from this trailer, and this one, which looks like the worst disaster movie* ever) telling me that the lizard will die. (Sorry kids.) It looks like a Western movie, but instead of people characters, there’s animals. It’s like something I might write.

And it’s directed by Gore Verbinski, the guy who did Pirates of the Caribbean. Rango could be fun.

*Yeah, I know when you think of disaster movies you think of avalanches and floods and meteors heading towards Earth? I do too. But there’s another type of disaster movie…and it’s in that linked trailer.


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July 3, 2010 at 2:41 AM

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