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Common Sense Media: the Helicopter Parent Website

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No, that’s not an actual subtitle for the website.

If you’ve ever wanted to shield your kids from even the tiniest offensive thing concerning movies, books, TV shows, and the like, look to Common Sense Media. The site rates those, websites, and music (okay…)  and gives them an age rating to make sure it’s okay for the little ones. For example, here’s what a typical movie analyzation looks like:


Below that, there’s a breakdown of everything raunchy you might encounter in the movie. For example, they rate the message of the movie (in this Christopher Guest satire I’m using as an example, the message is “Money is more important than people”. It gets two sad faces out of 5, which suggests that it’s an only mildly bad message.)

They also rate language, sex, violence, and—gasp!—consumerism. (As if kids today can escape any of those things. Mom, just wait ‘til your young one reaches eighth grade. They’ll hear enough double-entendres to last a lifetime.)

Sounds useful, right? Well, it is—up to a point. The site, to me, can be a little contradictory. For example, in a breakdown of a different PG-13-rated movie, it’s usually mild (“a comic scuffle”), but the “Parents Need to Know” section makes it sound totally raunchtastic. (a made-up word)

In addition, the breakdown and PNK sometimes just make something sound so raunchy, you’re actually turned off by it and don’t want to watch it. I mean, it almost sounds like you’re a bad person if you watch a certain movie. So, that being said, CSM is a perfect website for anybody who never wants to see a movie, watch TV, read a book, visit a website, or listen to music again. Yaay!


But here’s a suggestion for the website: Could you also rate the crude humor content in films? I know I’m not the only one who hates that stuff in my movies.


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June 5, 2010 at 2:57 AM

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