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Uh, What??: The Windows 7 "House Party" video

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I like almost everything that Microsoft does; I even liked Windows Vista. But there was a key word in that sentence: almost. This is that almost. To promote their now-available new OS, Windows 7, Microsoft posted a video to YouTube about hosting the perfect Windows 7 house party.


Here are the things that make this video so goofy.

  • The lady in purple. She won’t stop talking. It seems that she’s trying to let everyone know that Windows 7 is here and gosh-darn-it, we’re having a party!
  • That little bit at 3:11. “So, for the rest of the party, you can just leave your computer on…and then you just let folks mess around with it, right?” Yeah, I’m not bringing my computer to that party.

The two guys just seem to be there to drive the point home about everything the lady in purple is talking about, but a gem comes from the man in green. “Can you believe that Microsoft put the launch of Windows 7 in our hands? Are they nuts or what?” Ha ha, yeah.


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December 22, 2009 at 1:22 AM

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