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Atlas Quest

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Have you ever heard of letterboxing? It sounds pretty neat. All you really need is a notebook, a stamp you like, and a spirit for adventure. There are many letterbox trails all across the US. Here’s how it works. Find an interesting trail and follow the clues. If you follow them correctly, you’ll come across a box, often hidden in a secret location. There’s usually a stamp and a small notebook inside. Take the stamp inside the box and stamp your notebook, then take your stamp and stamp their notebook. If I’m correct, you can leave a comment or two inside the box’s notebook. Doesn’t letterboxing seem fun? I tried one once near a movie theater, but there was no box anywhere. Anyway, if it sounds interesting, Atlas Quest is the place to go. They have hundreds of trails, letterbox tips, weather forecasts, letterboxing events, and something called “Project X”. Everything is free, but registration lets you access more features.



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November 3, 2009 at 1:42 AM

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