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Falcon Heene: Balloon Escapade Was "For The Show"

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I bet you’ve already heard the story of young Falcon Heene, who somehow got himself into a weather balloon when it took off. Luckily, the Colorado boy has been found safe at home, but was his–the whole family’s, rather–story just a hoax? Falcon was found in a box hiding in his family’s garage, but wouldn’t come out when the mother and father called his name. When asked why he wouldn’t come out (in an interview on CNN) he replied with “You guys (his parents) said that we did this for the show”, which was followed by an awkward pause and the father abruptly changing the subject. The family has appeared on the reality television series Wife Swap, so were they trying to rekindle some of their former glory? Here’s the interview.


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October 17, 2009 at 12:46 AM

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