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Google Earth

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If you’ve already heard of Google Earth, then you may have also heard of some other programs like this. But I think Google Earth is a winner in that category.

With Google Earth, you can fly to anywhere in the world. From France to Japan to Russia, you name it, you can fly there. (Except places that are fictional or ones that Google Earth doesn’t recognize.) What’s also neat is that you can also view pictures from the area you’re at. Just click on one of the little camera buttons.

But you can view more than just Earth. How about soaring amongst the galaxies, or diving under the sea? You can do that, too. To view the sky, just click on the “Sky” button on the main menu bar. (It looks like a picture of Saturn.) To view the ocean, double-click on any part of the water. Have fun!

Google Earth is a download application, but it still is a very cool site.



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February 4, 2009 at 3:11 AM

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