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Songsmith is a program from Microsoft, but the part I want to focus on is their promo advertisement. It plays out like a musical out of Disney or something. Here’s the storyline:

A father must make a jingle to advertise glow-in-the-dark towels, but he can’t think of anything. Luckily, Songsmith is there to help! (Of course.) The man’s daughter shows him how to use Songsmith, and pretty soon, everybody is using it! (Of course.) And they’re all one big haappy family! Awwwwwww!

The tech news blog TechCrunch calls it “the worst promo ad ever”, but I’d probably call it that and the cheesiest promo ad ever. Here is the video:


And I have a song of my own. It’s not very good, but here it is:
I bet you will never guess
The computer the girl is using
To make her brand-new songs.
Well gue-ess what–it’s a Mac!
And that is just plain wrong.
The stickers couldn’t cover it up! Songsmith only works on Windows anyway! (And it’s available for a 6-hour trial download here.)

(Note: Just because the promo ad is cheesy, it doesn’t mean that the program itself is a failure. It looks like it would be a fun little program.)


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January 17, 2009 at 3:24 AM

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