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This post is tagged “Cool sites”, and wouldn’t you know it, Webs.com allows you to make your own website.
All you have to do on the homepage is enter a site address you want, and pick a password. Then click on the green button. Once you’re done filling out all the fields, you get to pick a template. There are about 7 pages of templates to choose from, and each template has different color “schemes” as well. Once you’re done with that, you pick the Webs.com package that you want. There’s a “free” option, which is really nice. (You won’t get your own domain name (like http://www.mysite.com) and  your site has ads on it (but only one at the top), but it’s a decent plan.)

Then comes the fun part: editing your site! Webs.com has a pretty neat page editor, and when you visit it for the first time, there’s a little “wizard” that helps you design your perfect website. You can change the font, change the colors, use bolds and italics, add HTML and more. You can even add “widgets”, which are things that you can place on your site, like multimedia, communications, games and more. Have fun!



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January 12, 2009 at 3:54 AM

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